On the rear panel of GP-Probe TGE2, there are:

  • 100-240VAC power connector 
  • 18-75VDC power connector
  • PPS input, PPS output SMA connectors
  • NO/NC relay switch terminals
  • GP-Blocker connector
  • RS-232, RS-485/422 interfaces
  • LAN

The electrical parameters of all ports are given in the datasheet: 


Power Ports

The GP-Probe TGE2 has two independent power units to implement a backup supply scheme. Switching between power units is instantaneous, without loss of performance or parameter degradation. Ports are equipped with grounding terminals. 

PPS Input/Output

The GP-Probe TGE2 has a PPS output coming from the built-in GNSS receiver on the first channel. The pulse is generated only if the status of the GP-Probe TGE2 is "Normal".

The GP-Probe TGE2 has a built-in PPF phase difference measurement module. When an external pulse source, such as a time server, is connected to the "PPS In" port, the GP-Probe TGE2 determines the phase difference every second and sends the data to GP-Cloud. If a specified threshold is exceeded, GP-Cloud sets the GP-Probe TGE2 status to "PPS Offset".

The "PPS In" port supports low-voltage PPS signal sources.

Relay Terminal

Integrating GP-Probe into existing infrastructure is made simple with the use of a relay. The relay's behavior can be configured through the web configuration panel. If interference is detected, the relay will switch, making it easy to control external equipment.

The relay has three pins:

• C – common wire

• NC – normally closed

• NO – normally open

GP-Blocker Connection Port

The GP-Probe TGE2 can control four connected GP-Blockers. When an incident is detected, the GP-Probe TGE2 sends a command to the GP-Blocker to close the port. The connected time server loses track of the satellites and switches to holdover mode.

RS-232, RS-422/485 Ports

The ports are intended to control external equipment with an embedded LUA scripting engine. The sent commands, as well as the port operation modes, are determined by a script developed using the LUA language. 

Learn more here: https://support.gpspatron.com/support/solutions/folders/101000427666


The LAN port has a standard 10/100BASE-T RJ45 interface pinout. POE power supply is not supported.