On the front panel of GP-Probe TGE2, there are: 

  • display and control button
  • two SMA connectors for 4G antennas connection (if there is a built-in 4G modem) 
  • a slot for a USIM card (if there is a built-in 4G modem) 
  • three SMA connectors for GNSS antennas connection
  • indicators for the status of GNSS ports 
  • indicator for the status of GP-Blocker

Use the left button to change pages and view the device status. Read more here:


Be careful when inserting a SIM card. Read here how to do it safely:


To the left of each GNSS antenna port, there are two LEDs showing the port status. 

The top LED:

  • blinks if there is a 3D Fix

The bottom  LED:

  • off – the port is disabled
  • green – the port is enabled and working without errors
  • red – port error

The GP-Blocker status indicator shows:

  • off – GP-Blocker is disabled
  • green – blocker is open
  • red – blocker is closed