The probe's screen displays information on six pages, which can be cycled through using the display page change button.

Regardless of the page number, the top line displays the name of the probe (or probe id if the name has not yet been set), the status of the 4G modem connection, the status of the Ethernet connection, and the connection status to the cloud.

1. First page. Probe's status:

The status is determined by GP-Cloud or embedded algorithms (if Onboard Signal Processing option is activated). If there is no connection to GP-Cloud, the probe's screen displays the "Offline" status.

2, Second page. Error code and description:

3. Third page. GNSS channels status, average SNR, number of visible satellites:

4. Fourth page. IP settings:

5. Fifth page. The type of connection to GP-Cloud (3G/4G modem or via LAN), GP-Cloud URL, and the number of messages in the queue:

With a good connection, the message queue should be zero.

6. Sixth page. Firmware, hardware version and probe ID: